Data protection

This Privacy Policy outlines the collection and use of personal data. Your personal data may be collected when you view our website, when you send a request or booking via our website. To help you understand our data protection guidelines, we are happy to provide you with the following information that serves as an outline of the types of data that we collect, how they are being processed and why we collect them. Please be assured that the protection of your personal data is our utmost priority.


What are personal data and how do we collect, record and process your personal data?

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ('data subject'); for example name, e-mail address, address, bank data, telephone number.
Where personal data are collected on our website, this will as far as possible be on a voluntary basis. The collection of personal data enables us to provide you with information, customized offers based on your interests and the best service possible. To be able to do this, we may ask for your personal data that can help us to compile a personalized offer and if you so wish a booking confirmation; we will then add your data to our system. We only collect data that we need to carry out an order or fulfil the precontractual offer. Furthermore, your data helps us to provide you with personalized exclusive offers according to your interests and to keep you updated about news for your future holiday. Of course, you can notify us at any time, easily and free of charge, if you do not want to receive any more product offers, news and special promotions. We will keep your data as long as it is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are collected, and as long as we assume that you have no legitimate interest in any further notice or have not withdrawn your consent or objected to the data storage. However, all required periods for holding data under tax and commercial law have to be observed by us.


What types of data are collected?

If you want to receive an offer, book a holiday or buy a voucher, we will only collect and process data that are necessary for the purposes of the agreement or the precontractual information. These could be: first name, family name, post address, telephone number, e-mail address.


What rights do you have regarding the handling of your data?

You have the right to rectify your personal data: should you notice in our communication that we recorded false or incomplete data, please notify us and send us the correct data. You also have the right of access, the right to rectification, to restriction of processing, to data portability and to object. Please notify us by e-mail or telephone if you want to exercise your rights. Please note that we are obligated to request a copy of your identification document to ensure that your request is legitimate. You also have the right of complaint and you can contact the competent data protection authority. In Austria the competent authority is the Austrian Data Protection Authority. Please find our contact data as described below.


Will we transfer your personal data, and if yes, to whom and why?

We hereby attest that we will not sell or otherwise transmit any personal data of our guests to third parties for marketing or other purposes. Placing links to other external websites on our website does not encompass the transfer of personal data but only serves for the provision of further information. We do not accept responsibility for the content of other external websites. These may include links to sport partners, local recreational facilities, mountain railway companies, etc. Our guests may decide for themselves whether to click on the links or not. We are also happy to provide you with further information via telephone or e-mail.


Information security and data protection

We apply technical measures to enhance information security in data protection and to protect your data from loss, theft, unauthorized access, transfer and erasure.